Tharisa’s core strategy is to generate value by becoming a globally significant low cost producer of strategic commodities.

The Group supplies global demand for its products through integrated mining, processing, marketing, sales and logistics operations.

Its expansion strategy focuses on growth through value accretive acquisitions and development of large-scale, low cost projects that are in or close to production.



The Group was born out of innovation. It was through its innovative approach to processing the multiple MG reef horizons that it established South Africa’s only PGM and chrome concentrates co-producer earning revenue from both commodities.

It is through continued research and development that the Group finds ways of optimising its current mining and processing.


Tharisa seeks to grow and expand its business by investing in operations or projects which demonstrate opportunities for value accretion.

The Group proactively seeks out investment or acquisition opportunities in strategic commodities and in countries offering geographic diversity.

Preference is given to opportunities to develop large-scale and low cost projects that are in or close to production. Such opportunities must meet Tharisa’s stringent investment criteria, including a return on investment of 25%.


Tharisa continues to explore ways to expand its marketing and sales capabilities to allow the Group to capture additional margin by leveraging its existing know-how, experience and relationships through third party sales and logistics.

The Group’s logistics platform lends itself to third party trading, providing increased scalability by securing more efficient logistics arrangements to customers.

Tharisa effectively competes with other commodity traders on the basis of its tailored and high-quality service offering, market knowledge and strong customer relationships.


With stringent management of costs and improved efficiencies, Tharisa continues to be positioned in the lowest cost quartile for both PGM and chrome concentrates. The Group is also operating cash flow positive, which has allowed it to improve its returns to shareholders. Tharisa has improved its annual dividend policy to a minimum of 15% of consolidated NPAT from 10% previously. It also intends to declare interim dividends commencing in FY2018.