The safety and health of our people is a priority.

The Group recognises the importance of good relationships with its employees. The Group continues to provide training for its staff to enhance technical and product knowledge as well as knowledge of industry quality standards.

No distinction is made between the safety of the Group’s employees and those of contractors. All such employees and contractors are required to comply fully with the Group’s health and safety standards and procedures. Contractors are also included in the Group’s safety performance statistics.

Tharisa Minerals’ recruitment policy is aimed at ensuring fair and equitable recruitment processes, prevents unfair discrimination and is intended to address past injustices. Where practical, and subject to the recruitment policy, Tharisa Minerals endeavours to recruit employees from historically disadvantaged communities residing in close proximity to its operations. Tharisa Minerals also ensures as far as possible that contractors employed by the Group apply similar practices in their recruitment process.

Tharisa Minerals has a detailed Social and Labour Plan that ensures on-going skills development and is an integral part of the plan.