Human Resources

Tharisa’s employees are the heart of its business and operations. Employees are vital to the Group’s success and crucial to its future. Aligning individual growth to corporate growth fosters a happy environment in which all individuals seek to be part of the Group’s success.

As a result of the mechanised mining and processing operations at the Tharisa Mine, Tharisa Minerals has a skilled labour force of direct and contractor employees. The mechanised nature of the mining and processing activities at the Tharisa Mine necessitates skilled labour and Tharisa Minerals has embarked on training and development programmes, apprenticeships, internships, artisan programmes, mentorships and bursaries to procure and maintain the required skills necessary to ensure its success.

Subsequent to the announcement that Tharisa Minerals was to implement its vision of becoming an owner miner, the previous BMI and MCC employees situated at the Tharisa Mine were transferred to Tharisa Minerals’ business as from 1 May 2017 and 1 October 2017, respectively. There has therefore been a significant reduction of the permanent contractors on site from 1 685 in FY2016 to 724 in FY2017.

In line with its vision to train and develop a world class workforce, the Tharisa Minerals’ human resources department has been accredited to provide recognised training by the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA), as well as ISO 9001:2008 certification. Tharisa’s inhouse training centre facilities have been upgraded so that computer based training has replaced manual systems and an employee’s learning history and skills competency can now be monitored.

Built on previous year’s successes, the SLP component of Adult Education and Training (AET) has grown from13 community learners to 60. The majority of Tharisa Minerals’ employees have approved individual development plans. Tharisa Minerals’ culture, processes, and procedures are maintained through structured interventions like “Care and Growth”.

An integrated Human Resource Development programme has been formulated and implemented to maximise the productive potential of people involved with Tharisa Minerals through:

  • AET training
  • Skills programmes
  • Learnerships
  • Internship and bursary plans

human resources