We take responsibility for the effect that our operations may have on the environment.

The Group is committed to protecting the environment. The Group conducts all operations in an environmentally responsible manner that ensures compliance with all applicable national and local laws and regulations and within the requirements of the issued licences and permits. Among other matters, the tailings storage facilities at the Tharisa Mine have been designed and constructed in such a way that there should be no long-term liability for rehabilitation.

Tharisa recognises that water is a vital and scarce natural resource and is committed to using water responsibly. Water consumption, ground water levels and water quality on and off site are measured on an on-going basis. No water is released to the surrounding areas and or streams.

Air quality sampling is conducted on an on-going basis and all dust fall rates are within the residential range.

Tharisa has initiated a total waste management programme that is aligned with the newly promulgated South African National Environmental Management Waste Act. Recycling of waste ensures that the amount of waste disposed at the municipal landfill is kept to a minimum, thereby increasing the landfill’s lifespan. Opportunities for reuse or recycling are being explored on a continuous basis.