Safety and Health

Tharisa’s business is reliant on a healthy, skilled, trained and committed workforce.The safety of the Group’s people is of the utmost importance to Tharisa and Tharisa aims to mine, process, market anddistribute its product to customers without harming anyone.

Tharisa Minerals’ safety performance compares well against those of comparable resources companies. In recognition of these achievements, Tharisa Minerals was awarded the Best Safety Performance in Class award at Mine Safe 2016.

While open cast operations are considered safer than underground mining operations, Tharisa Minerals has taken extra care to ensure its processes and policies are adhered to and that its employees are kept abreast of potential safety hazards through continual training.

The Safety, Health and Environment Committees at both the holding company and operating subsidiary levels are responsible for overseeing compliance with health and safety legislation and policies. All mining and processing employees, including contractors, receive safety training.

At 30 September 2017, Tharisa Minerals achieved 13 726 089 fatality free hours and 1 533 794 fatality free shifts. This compares to the 6 792 443 fatality free hours and the 754 716 fatality free shifts achieved in the prior year.

Tharisa is committed to the health of its employees and has implemented a number of programmes to facilitate wellbeing among those who work for the Group.

Chief among these programmes is the Tharisa Minerals’ occupational health programme, which has as its key focus tuberculosis (TB), HIV/AIDS, dust exposure and noise-induced hearing loss. TB and HIV/AIDS are being addressed through a strong focus on prevention through education and awareness initiatives.