Stakeholder Engagement

Tharisa believes that stakeholder engagement is a business imperative and that strong lines of communications between stakeholders ensure the success of the Group and secure its place among the community. The Group’s stakeholder engagement strategy aims to ensure that it maintains good working relations, manages social risk and develops solutions to social challenges faced by its stakeholders.

  • Interim and annual reporting
  • Quarterly production updates
  • Company website
  • AGM
  • SENS/RNS announcements
  • Annual Report
  • Regular electronic and telephonic communication
  • Customer site visits
  • Commodity conferences
  • Monthly, quarterly and Annual Reports to DMR
  • Regular engagement with local and provincial government
  • Scheduled and unannounced site visits by regulators
  • Regular employee engagement forum meetings at the Tharisa Mine
  • Tharisa Minerals newsletters and posters
  • Tharisa Minerals induction and ongoing skills development training
  • Company website
  • Daily supervisor/manager interaction
  • Ongoing safety training on the Tharisa Mine
  • Tharisa Minerals wellness programmes and campaigns
  • Procurement policies, tender process
  • Verbal and electronic communication
  • Contract terms negotiated and agreed
  • Standard contract terms for suppliers of good
  • Regular face-to-face meetings
  • Electronic communication
  • Joint task team with Transnet to develop siding
  • Union recognition and negotiations by Tharisa Minerals
  • Monthly liaison with shop stewards
  • Regular contact with union leadership
  • Labour forum meets once a month
  • Reporting on a monthly, biannual and annual basis
  • Presentations and meetings with management
  • Tharisa Mine site visits by senior debt providers at least twice a year
  • Telephonic and electronic communication, particularly on working capital facilities
  • Annual review of working capital facilities
  • Adult education and training, leadership and bursaries
  • Community forums
  • Local upliftment and wellness programmes and projects
  • Regular meetings with various community leadership structures
  • CSI programmes
  • Career sharing information for pupils
  • Roadshows and analyst briefings
  • Interim and annual reporting
  • Annual Report
  • Company website
  • SENS/RNS announcements