Stakeholder Engagement

The nature of our integrated mining, mineral processing, marketing and logistics business, its current stage of development and the physical location of our mining and processing operations dictate that the Group has a wide variety of stakeholders whose endorsement is critical to both our social and legal licences to operate. Stakeholders are defined as those groups or individuals who are directly affected by the Group’s business activities.

Our engagement with these various stakeholders is informed by what matters to them and their particular needs. Transparency is a core Group value.

This table summarises our key stakeholders, their key concerns and how we engage with them regarding the challenges and opportunities facing our Group.

  Stakeholder   Key concern   Form of engagement
  • Implementation of strategy and performance against the strategy
  • Group financial and non-financial performance
  • Return on investment
  • Dividends
  • Share price performance
  • Sustainability
  • Risk management
  • Interim and annual reporting
  • Quarterly production updates
  • Company website
  • AGM
  • SENS announcements
  • Safe working environment
  • Fair remuneration and benefits
  • Health and wellness programmes and counselling
  • Job security and opportunities for training and career advancement
  • Sustainable company performance
  • Skills levels/development
  • Regular employee engagement forum meetings at the Tharisa Mine
  • Tharisa Minerals newsletters and posters
  • Tharisa Minerals induction and ongoing skills development training
  • Company website
  • Daily supervisor/manager interaction
  • Ongoing safety training on the Tharisa Mine
  • Union recognition and negotiation by Tharisa Minerals
  • Tharisa Minerals wellness programmes and campaigns
  • Quality of PGM and chrome concentrates
  • Price of chrome concentrates
  • Delivery status
  • Reliability of supply
  • Regular electronic and telephonic communication
  • Customer site visits
  • Commodity conferences
  South African national, provincial and local government  
  • Adherence to mining legislation
  • Adherence to Mining Charter
  • Compliance with relevant legislation and regulations
  • Community development
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental impact and rehabilitation
  • Employment creation
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reports to DMR
  • Regular engagement with local and provincial government
  • Scheduled and unannounced site visits by regulators
  Research analysts and fund managers  
  • Availability of reliable and timeous Group financial and non-financial information
  • Regular information updates
  • Roadshows and analyst briefings
  • Interim and annual reporting
  • Annual Report
  • Company website
  • SENS announcements
  Contractors and suppliers  
  • Fair and reasonable contract terms
  • Adherence to contract terms
  • Quality control
  • Preferential procurement policies
  • Sustainability
  • Payment terms
  • Procurement policies and tender process
  • Verbal and electronic communication
  • Contract terms negotiated and agreed
  • Standard contract terms for suppliers of goods
  South African SOE service providers  
  • Markets for rail and energy
  • Certainty of business
  • Assistance in the provision of infrastructure
  • Regular face-to-face meetings
  • Electronic communication
  • Joint task team with Transnet to develop siding
  Labour unions (Tharisa Minerals only)  
  • Union recognition and ability to organise workers
  • Securing improved conditions of employment for members
  • Safe working environment
  • Monthly liaison with shop stewards
  • Regular contact with NUM regional leadership
  • Labour forum meets once a month
  Banks and guarantors  
  • Scheduled return of capital and interest
  • Adherence to facility contract terms
  • Compliance with debt covenants
  • Risk related returns
  • Group operating and financial performance
  • Sustainability
  • Risk management
  • Security for facility
  • Reporting on a monthly, bi-annual and annual basis
  • Presentations and meetings with management
  • Tharisa Mine site visits by senior debt providers at least twice a year
  • Active interaction with the independent technical consultant appointed by the senior debt providers
  • Telephonic and electronic communication, particularly on working capital facilities
  • Annual review of working capital facilities
  Tharisa Mine local communities  
  • Employment creation
  • Local procurement
  • Health and safety
  • Environmentally responsible conduct and compliance with environmental legislation
  • Corporate social investment
  • Skills development
  • Adult education and training, learnerships and bursaries
  • Community forums
  • Local upliftment and wellness programmes and projects