The Tharisa Mine involves the extraction of chromitite ore from the Middle Group Chromitite layers, which contains both PGMs and chrome. PGM concentrate and chrome concentrate are produced from the ore by means of two integrated processing facilities that use a similar process. the Genesis Plant with a processing capacity of 100ktpm and the Voyager Plant with a processing capacity of 300ktpm.

The Group’s initial development plan for the construction and ramp up of its processing facilities comprised three phases:

  Phase 1   Trial mining and construction of the pilot-scale Genesis Plant with chrome processing capacity of 38ktpm November 2009
  Phase 2   Increase in chrome processing capacity at Genesis Plant to 100ktpm August 2011
      Commissioning of  PGM processing capacity at the Genesis Plant December 2011
  Phase 3   Commissioning of 300ktpm Voyager Plant December 2012