Operations overview

Although Tharisa has a centralised support structure and levels of authority with uniform policies and procedures, each distinct revenue stream is required to retain full ownership and accountability for its alignment to the Group strategy, its performance, its growth and ultimately its value add to the Group.

Tharisa plc (Cyprus)
Investment holding company

Operating and producing companies

(and Tharisa’s shareholding)

Tharisa Minerals 75%
Arxo Logistics 100%
Arxo Resources 100%
Salene Chrome 100%
Arxo Metals 100%
MetQ 100%
Redox One 100%

Growth projects

(and Tharisa’s shareholding)

Karo Mining Holdings 75%
Karo Platinum 85%

Optimise existing operations

PGM production (5PGE + AU)

144.7 koz
(2022: 179.2 koz) Recovery of 66.5%

Innovative thinking

Reef milled

5.4 Mt

Chrome concentrate production

1.58 Mt